Functional Medicine CE – Continuing Education

Functional Medicine CE

Virtual Sessions 2023

Foundational Continuing Education

On-Demand CE

Each on-demand session will cover relevant pathophysiology and biochemsitry of the diease state, as well as the standard of care including common interventions both urgent and on-going. Lastly, each session will touch on how we can support biochemistry and address nutrient depletions relevant to each disease process.

Virtual Conferences

Two Live CE Conferences in 2023

Our live virtual conferences are a chance to pull it all together and take what you have learned in the on-demand and apply the functional medicine lens to address the underlying pathophysiology. Each live event will include a pathophysigology review, appropriate functional medicine clinical assessment, including labs/testing, nutrition and nutraceutical interventions, emerging science spotlight and cases! We will also include a case to take-home and we will come together the following week to put-it-all together and address any additional follow-up questions.

2023 Event Schedule

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the biochemistry of phase I, II and II detoxification
  • Discuss the various factors that impact elimination and detoxification
  • Review a case study to learn signs and symptoms for detoxification

Learning Objectives

  • Review genomics and pertinent terminology for application in the clinical setting
  • Identify specific SNPs useful in identifying potential issues with detoxification
  • Identify appropriate candidates for pharmacogenomic testing based on patient specific symptoms, therapeutic regimens and disease states
  • Selecting appropriate tests and laboratory providers
  • Effectively interpret and apply pharmacogenomic test results to address patient care issues

Learning Objectives

  • Explore your purpose/role as a coach
  • Understand the impact and significance of mindset on clinical outcomes and goals
  • Improve coaching and communication skills
  • Cultivate safe spaces for patients to thrive
  • Prevent and address roadblocks that arise in a coaching relationship

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