Dr. Beth Ann Davenport, PharmD, AFMCP is a clinical pharmacist turned Functional Medicine Wellness Consultant. She curates customized Functional Medicine wellness plans to optimize patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual health by addressing daily structure, nutrition, hydration, movement, stress management, and sleep.

Beth Ann is a graduate of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (2010) and began her career as a pharmacy manager for Target Pharmacy upon graduation. She transitioned into a clinical position for Kroger Pharmacy three years later, focusing on Medication Therapy Management, routine and travel immunizations, biometric screenings and health coaching services covering 13 of Kroger’s 28 pharmacies in Arkansas. 

Following the birth of her second child and then adoption of her third just months later, Beth Ann began studying natural and alternative medicine to improve her own health. After incorporating these principles into both her life and work, she discovered the discipline of Functional Medicine and quickly realized her home state, one of the least healthy in the nation, had a tremendous need for the information she was learning. She founded Prescription Wellness, a Functional Medicine wellness consultation company in 2018, offering individual, group, and corporate wellness consultations in addition to pharmacogenomic, nutrigenomic, and food sensitivity testing.