Dan Strause – Functional Medicine CE

Dan Strause

Dan graduated from the university of Wisconsin Whitewater with a BBA in accounting, where shortly after he would begin his career at Arther Anderson, a big 6 accounting firm, where every three weeks he went to and worked with a different client, thus learning how to adapt and work with a variety of different businesses. 

After working with and experiencing the breadths of different fields with Arther Anderson, Dan went on to work at Hamlin, an international electronics manufacturer for six years. 

It wasn’t until March 1st, 2003, where destiny would work its way into Dan’s life and make him one of the four founders for what was then called the MD Group consisting of the initial five pharmacies which would then become Hometown Pharmacy. Back then, the core principles of the company were that the pharmacists would take care of the patients while Dan would take care of the pharmacists and the business side of things with a lean administration team. 

It turns out word got around and other pharmacists who owned their own small independent retail pharmacy liked the MD group’s approach and had asked them how to keep their community pharmacy alive as they retired. 

The years passed by and Dan worked on building relationships across the nation with not only other independent pharmacy owners, but other industry experts as well, looking to expand Hometown’s knowledge and capabilities. 

With a new path and adapted mindset ahead, Hometown Pharmacy Partnerships formed with an established business model which shifted into partnering with local pharmacists to give them the opportunity to focus on their craft and expertise as a pharmacist and providing better care for our communities and patients while not having to work so hard on the business aspect of things. 

Now, Hometown Pharmacy has reached over 70 locations across the state of Wisconsin. 

Twenty years have passed since Hometown was born, and with all Dan has learned from not only experts all around the nation, but also his Hometown team, he and Hometown have become passionate about proactive care and making it Hometown’s mission to focus on helping patients get from pharmaceutical, to nutraceutical, to food while providing a base education for communities to better understand their individual health needs and give them the key fundamentals to evolving their health- nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management. 

Now, not only does Hometown focus on education, but also testing where your current health levels are with their health metrics and tools, teaching you about what your results mean, providing you with solutions and therapies to your current status of health, and furthermore, testing your health levels again to see if you’re making progress. With this approach, we are able to adjust where necessary and find what works best for each individual patient. 

Dan is passionate about the future of Hometown and providing the Wellara app and opportunities, which we will talk about later, as well as having the ability to education, entertain and inform patients so they can have their own knowledge and impact on their health journey, where we are passionate about helping with food, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle changes within the four pillars of health.