Shifting the Healthcare Paradigm with Lifestyle Medicine


Health care in this country more closely resembles “sick care.” While advancements in research and technology have enabled us to sufficiently treat acute health issues, the healthcare system is miserably failing at preventing and treating chronic diseases. It’s estimated that 6 in 10 U.S. adults have one chronic disease and 4 in 10 have two or more. Individuals with chronic diseases use the majority of healthcare services and account for most of the costs. 

The paradigm needs to shift from reactive to proactive. Lifestyle medicine places emphasis on the whole person and uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease. This continuing education event will detail how a lifestyle medicine approach to health can combat the chronic disease epidemic and revolutionize the healthcare system. Providers and employers will learn foundations and effective implementation strategies related to a variety of topics including nutrition, autoimmune disease, weight management, gastrointestinal wellness, and mental health.

Time Provider Track Speaker Time Consumer Track Speaker
8:15- 9:15 am Keynote (1 hour)- Marc/Maybe Melody too
9:30-11:00a Personalized Nutrition into your Practice (1.5 hrs) Lara 9:30- 11:30a Weight Management Employer Health Programs (2 hrs) Melody
11:00- 12:00p Lunch break  11:30a- 12:30p Lunch
12:00- 2:00p Stress- HPA Axis- Mental Health (2 hrs) Lindsey D/ Sarah B 12:30- 2:00p How nutrition impacts your health (1.5 hrs) Lara
2:15- 4:15 pm Weight management and disease (2 hrs) Melody with Chantelle Prep? 2:15- 4:15p Handling Stress in the workplace & How Stress Impacts your Health (2 hrs) Lindsey/Sara B
Time Provider Track Speaker Time Consumer Track Speaker
8:15- 9:15a The Future of Healthcare: Lifestyle Medicine (1 hr)- Physician from Preventia Mark Pettus? 
9:30-11:00a Foundations of Gastrointestinal Wellness (1.5 hrs) Marina/Xenia with Melody leading discussion 9:30- 11:30a Health Coaching— Mindset Shifts, how to evaluate a programs- (patient barriers) (2 hrs) Nicole
11:00- 12:00p Lunch break  11:30a- 12:30p Lunch
12:00- 2:00p Health Coaching-How to coach your patients effectively (2 hrs) Nicole 12:30- 2:00p Connections of GI Health to overall health (1.5 hrs) ?
2:15- 4:15 pm Autoimmune Lifestyle Interventions (2 hrs) Lara 2:15- 4:15p Reducing Cost in Autoimmune (2 hrs) Sarah Anderson or Adapytation
Provider Track Speaker Time Consumer Track Speaker Time
9:00- 11:00a EXPO
11:15-12:15 Final Keynote