Introduction to Functional Medicine and Gut Health


Sessions included:

  • Introduction to Functional Medicine and Medication-Related Nutrient Depletions
  • Functional Medicine: It all starts in the gut!
  • Interconnection between Immune Disease and the Gut

Continuing Education credits are available for pharmacists only.

CPE Course Details

Learning Objectives

  • Define Functional Medicine (FM) and list the 6 core principles and 7 clinical imbalances
  • Compare and contrast conventional medicine, integrative medicine, and FM
  • Utilize FM tools including the Timeline, the Matrix, and GO-TO-IT
  • Describe the pharmacist’s role in addressing drug-induced nutrient depletions

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the impact of altered gut microbiota and gut inflammation on GI disorders and overall health
  • Determine environmental factors that influence gut microbiota
  • Describe Small Intestinal Bacterial/Fungal Overgrowth (SIBO/SIFO)
  • Compare and contrast dietary modifications for patients with GI disorders
  • Discuss integrative treatment options for prevalent GI disorders.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the pathophysiological pathways that lead to allergic and autoimmune disease
  • Examine complex interaction of immune disease as it relates to GI integrity
  • Identify appropriate dietary modifications for patients with immune disorders.